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Ecogam is a leading company specialised in the designing, manufacturing and sales and marketing of vacuum cleaning equipment for dry applications.

Our experience has developed in sectors such as cement, plaster, quick lime, foundries, quarries, power generation, concrete prefabs, ceramics, glass, human and animal foodstuffs, urban cleaning and maintenance, etc.

Currently our products are operated in a number of different countries across Europe, North Africa and Latin America. Discover why more and more customers choose Ecogam.


Our standard vacuum range includes a product for every need: from centralised units, to towable equipment or mobile vacuum groups mounted on 2 or 3 axle trucks. Including also the ultra-compact portable units and the hoppers used to increase productivity in any of the above systems.

Read more about our latest solution for suction of solids, cleaning of structures with hot pressure water equipment and assistance in a great variety of industrial and urban applications. All in one product that can perform different jobs by simply changing accessories: the exclusive multifunctional group by Ecogam.

Centralised vacuum Portable vacuum Towable vacuum Mobile vacuum Multifunctional equipment Hopper

Discover the applications and advantages that Ecogam products can bring to your business, whatever the activity you are in. Ecogam vacuum cleaning equipment helps removing dust, sand, gravel or any other dry residue from production processes, facilitating transportation to a disposal site for discharge or pumping the material back into a silo for reuse.

Your company will be able to obtain an ecological and far more efficient environment in the shortest possible time and with the minimum workforce, increasing productivity and lowering your operating expenses.


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